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Master of Science in Nursing

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, earn your Master of Science in Nursing Education and Leadership completely online at Utah Tech. If you’re finishing up your BSN at Utah Tech or another institution, or already have your BSN and are simply ready to take the next step with the convenience of a fully-flexible, asynchronous and accredited program, enroll in Utah Tech’s MSN beginning in the fall of 2023. Read on to learn more about the forthcoming master’s program.

Or download an electronic version of the MSN Program Brochure by clicking here. 



Utah Tech’s MSN program is 100% online and asynchronous. Study when, how, and where you want.


Cost Per Credit, regardless of residency.


Required Credits in 14 graduate-level courses.

Employment Opportunities

Here are a few examples of jobs you can pursue after completing this degree. This list of jobs is meant to give you an idea of careers you can acquire after completing this degree, but it is not an exhaustive list.

Why EArn Your MSN?

  • Those with an MSN have higher-paying positions, work with more independence, and carry greater responsibility than their nurse peers.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the number of advanced practice nurses may increase by 26% from 2018-2028—over double the job growth outlook for registered nurses.
  • Payscale estimates the average salary for those with a BSN at $84K, while the salary for those with an MSN is $94K.
  • Earning an MSN offers a broader range of career options for nurses—whether that be in administrative roles, managerial positions, as a nurse educator, or in a chosen specialization.
  • An MSN is a necessary step on the path to earning a doctorate degree.

admission requirements


Previous Coursework

Possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from a nationally-accredited nursing program.



Have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 in previous nursing coursework.



Provide proof of RN licensure before beginning second semester coursework.


The MSN runs on a semester basis, with deadlines for each of our three semesters—Fall, Spring, and Summer. The application deadline is 10 business days (excluding holiday breaks) from the start of each semester.


Display image of Dr. Judy A. Scott<br>MSN, Ed.D., RN

Dr. Judy A. Scott
MSN, Ed.D., RN

Department Chair

Phone: 435-879-4837

Display image of Dr. Vicki Welch<br>Ph.D., RN, CNE

Dr. Vicki Welch
Ph.D., RN, CNE

MSN Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor

Phone: 435-879-4805
Office: Taylor 357