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Workshops: Online Teaching Best Practices

Hone your teaching skills for the online classroom

Upcoming Workshops

Below is a tentative schedule of upcoming workshops. Please check back frequently for changes and updates, as well as workshop registration.

Workshops generally occur monthly during the regular school year. Please check back regularly for an updated schedule.
To see and register for events hosted by the Center for Teaching & Learning, please visit their Event Page here.


Workshop Archives

Visit the archives—sorted by school year—to view recordings of previous workshops.


2023-2024 Workshop Archives

April 2024: When is it a good idea to use Virtual Reality (VR) technology in my online course?

March 2024: Andragogy 2.0: Evolving Online Adult Ed for Gen Z

February 2024: Fostering Connection: The Crucial Role of Tone in Building Trust and Relationships with Your Online Students

January 2024: Maximizing Engagement: Crafting Effective Instructional Videos

November 2023: Universal Design for Learning

October 2023: Why Students are Anxious About Online Learning–and What We Can Do About It

September 2023: Proctorio: Ensuring Exam Security for Online Courses (co-sponsored with CTL)

August 2023: Copyleaks Workshop – Virtual Open Help Sessions (co-sponsored with CTL)


2022-2023 Workshop Archives

Feb 2023: Fostering an Inclusive Learning Environment in Online Courses

Nov 2022: Active Learning to Drive Online Student Engagement

Oct 2022: Authentic, Problem-Based Learning & Assessment in Online Courses


2021-2022 Workshop Archives

April 2022: Mental Health First Aid for Online Students

March 2022: The Online Student Perspective: A Student Panel Discussion

Feb 2022: Alternative Approaches for Assessment in Online Courses

Jan 2022: Best Practices for Online Teaching at DSU

Nov 2021: DesignPLUS: Tools to Format and Style Canvas Content for Online Courses

Oct 2021: Planning & Facilitating Effective Online Discussions

Sept 2021: Authentic Learning Activities for the Online Classroom


2020-2021 Workshop Archives

May 2021: Increasing Student Engagement & Participation in Online Courses

April 2021: Building Online Community & Student Rapport

March 2021: Online Active Learning Strategies

Feb 2021: Accessibility in the Online Classroom