Online Teaching Certifications

To better meet the needs of each faculty member in applying online teaching best practices and quality standards, two online teaching certifications will be available in 2023.

These certifications build upon the best practices introduced in the new Orientation to Online Teaching, which is required to be completed by faculty assigned to teach online. Faculty are encouraged to complete these certifications to improve their scholarship of online teaching.

Foundations of Online Teaching Certification

Designed to help faculty learn and apply best practices of effective online teaching.

Exemplary Online Teaching Certification

Directed at faculty who are interested in becoming a master online teacher.

About the Program

Each online teaching certification is comprised of three elements, where faculty will learn, apply, and reflect on effective online teaching best practices and strategies.

  1. Personalized Professional Development Plan
  2. Best Practices: Required and Elective Activities
  3. Peer Review/Observation

In consultation with the Quality & Training Manager, faculty will develop a personalized certification plan, based upon their individual needs and goals.

Faculty will participate in selected workshops, courses, and other activities, where they will learn, apply and reflect on how to best implement best practices in their online teaching. Assigned Learning Designers will be available to provide support. Digital badges will be awarded for each successfully completed certification activity.

The faculty’s direct supervisor and other peers will review and provide feedback on the applied practices.

Upon successful completion of each certification, faculty will receive a certificate of completion to include in their teaching portfolio in support of rank, tenure, and promotion activities.

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