Utah Tech University

Course Design Institute


The purpose of the Institute is to assist faculty participants in the design or redesign of a course for online delivery. Where possible, courses designed during the Institute are associated with online programs at Utah Tech University. The services of Utah Tech Online are free to faculty members and there is no charge to participate in the Course Design Institute.

Who Can Participate?

The Course Design Institute is intended for faculty who’ve been approved by their Chair to participate.

What Will I Do During the Institute?

In the Institute, faculty will engage with materials and activities provided to assist you in developing an effective online course.

The Institute includes two parts: a fully online, 6-week Course Design portion (asynchronous online course) and a fully online, 6-week Independent Development portion. Both parts are facilitated within Canvas by Utah Tech Online Learning Designers with no required in-person activities.

A synchronous orientation will be held via Zoom on the first day of the Institute.

Course Design (6 Weeks)

The Course Design portion is cohort-based and will include faculty colleagues from across the University. It is organized into weeks, with each week following a consistent schedule and structure to guide participants through the principles, activities, and best practices involved in designing and developing an effective online course. Interactions between Institute participants (including facilitators) will be facilitated via Canvas and other asynchronous tools, with email, zoom meetings or phone used as necessary.

Week 1

  • Seminar Orientation
  • Canvas Overview
  • Course Vision/Goals
Week 4

  • Social Presence
  • Online Design & Teaching Best Practices
  • Feedback, Rubrics
Week 2

  • Course Learning Outcomes
  • Major Assessments
  • Alignment
Week 5

  • Course Scope/Workload
  • Module Overview Pages
  • Canvas How-tos
Week 3

  • Minor Assessments
  • Module Objectives
  • Active Learning Materials
Week 6

  • Accessibility
  • Copyright
  • Canvas How-tos


Independent Course Development Workshop (6 weeks)

At the beginning of the second portion of the institute, participants will share a plan for completing the online course they are designing. They will then complete course development on their own with support from Utah Tech Online Learning Designers. At the conclusion of the independent course development portion, participating faculty will submit the completed course within Canvas.

When is the Institute being offered?

The Course Design Institute is generally offered during the Summer semester. Faculty are encouraged to discuss course design needs with their departments chairs, and—if approved by the Chair/Dean—faculty may participate in the session.

Session Course Design
(6 weeks)
Independent Development
(6 weeks)
Course Completion


How Does the Compensation Work?

Faculty will receive compensation upon completion of a prototype module and course design outline as part of the Course Design portion. The remaining compensation will be paid when the course development is completed.

Faculty compensation will include the following deliverables and activities as outlined below.

Deliverable / Activity Compensation
Course Design Completed Module Prototype and Course Design Outline 40% of total
Independent Development Workshop Completed Course Development & Submitted for Review 40% of total
Review / Revision Meets Utah Tech Best Practices for Online Teaching 20% of total
Total Design & Development Compensation 100%


Who can answer my questions about the Institute?

Institute Questions

Questions regarding the Institute, including course development compensation, should be directed to:

Huck Stewart

Marc Lundstrom